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Analyzing Fix & Flips (Single Family) | Podcast Episode: 7

In this episode, we will be discussing, "How to analyze fix and flips". We will cover the basic understandings of, How To Determine ARV (After Repaired Value), How To Determine Repair Costs, How To Determine Carrying Costs, How To Determine Sales Costs, and finally, How To Determine Our Offer!

Sellers Options | Podcast Episode: 6

In this episode, we will be discussing all of the options that sellers have when selling a property. As as investor, your responsibility is to provide a great solution for the sellers circumstance, to do so, you must start with understand all of the selling options.

Wholesaling Single Family Real Estate | Podcast Episode: 5

In this episode, we will be discussing the wholesaling business. Whether you are a wholesaler or not, it is important to understand this side of the business. 

If you are an active investor, you will always come across deals that may not work for you, but might work well for another investor. You might as well capitalize on these deals!

Cashflow From Short Term Real Estate Deals | Podcast Episode: 4

In this episode, we will be discussing how a starter investor can begin making small deals happen with little or no money! 

Hiring A Team For your Real Estate Business | Podcast Episode: 3

In this episode we will be discussing some tips to hiring a team for your Real Estate Business.

Earned Income Vs. Passive Income | Podcast Episode: 2

In this episode, we will be discussing the difference between Earned Income, and Passive Income. Too many of us do not understand the difference.

The Importance Of A Wealthy Mindset | Podcast Episode: 1

We will be digging deep on how to overcome our ‘old story’, and pushing our mindset to design our ‘new life.’

To launch the group, we have decided to dedicate the first episode to Mindset, because, without an extraordinary mindset, you can not live an extraordinary life!


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